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The IPM COGS 2014 How to Pay for Entries

Full payment for your entry/ies must be received by 18:00 on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 or your entry will be withdrawn!   

Payment can be made by debit or credit card or an invoice can be raised.

The payment portal can be accessed here, or once you have submitted your entry

For assistance please contact Jody Bratley, jodyb@theipm.org.uk, or Stacey Devonport, staceyd@theipm.org.uk, or phone 020 291 7730

Entry fees:

Early bird rate (for entries received up to midday on Friday, July 11 2014)

IPM member companies = £120 + VAT 

Non-IPM member companies = £150 + VAT

Standard rate (for entries received from midday on Friday, July 11 2014 to midday on Friday July 18)

IPM member companies = £170 + VAT standard fee 

IPM member companies = £200 + VAT standard fee 

Payments must be received by 6.00pm on Wednesday July 23, or entries will be disqualified.