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Compare the Market meerkat dolls fulfilment


Compare the Market meerkat fulfilment work from the IPM COGS Awards 2014


Granby is responsible for all the warehousing, packing and distribution of the cuddly rewards. Under the scheme, once the purchase of car, van, home, pet, motorbike or life insurance through comparethemarket.com has been validated and the customer has claimed their reward, the customer data is sent daily to Granby to fulfil the orders. To decide which one of the six Meerkovo villagers the customer is rewarded with, Granby randomises the data to select the toy. Once selected, the order is then picked from Granby’s warehouse, packed and dispatched to the customer. Additionally, Granby is responsible for sourcing all the packaging and digitally prints the personalised letters that accompanies the meerkat toys.

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