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Don't be a 'Dummy' ask for permission

The announcement of a brand new royal baby being born next year has got us all excited! It’s never too early to start planning but you should remember that there are specific rules when you are looking to link promotions to the royal family. 

The CAP Code states that members of the Royal Family shouldn’t normally be shown or mentioned in a marketing communication without their prior permission. 

The code does however allow incidental references provided they are unconnected with the advertised product or service. This could include congratulatory messages to the Duke and Duchess but if the royal baby is a key component of the campaign, and you have not got permission, this could be risky. 

As we saw with the arrival of Prince George, the Royal Family and fans of the monarchy are likely to be very protective of the new arrival, which may increase the likelihood of a complaint – make sure your promotion is compliant by speaking to us first! legal@theipm.org.uk / 020 7291 3300