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UK's European IMC Awards 2014

The IPM held the UK’s European IMC Awards 2014 drinks reception tonight where 6 UK agencies collected bronze, silver and gold trophies.   

23 Red and Arc picked up two awards apiece, the former with a gold award for Stoptober, and a silver award for Be Food Smart, the latter won gold and silver in the RNLI Respect the Water campaign. 

Savvy won a silver award for Morrisons sponsorship of Saturday Night Takeaway. Whynot! Were awarded a bronze for Anchor Rewards Club.   

IMCC Chairman, Ondrej Gottwald, said: "I am glad to say that this was another successful year for the IMC European Awards with an overall increase in the quality of entries. Finalists from 7 countries across Europe have been selected which shows that our region has a great interest in integrated marketing. What is more, it was great to see that aside from commercial communications campaigns, many entries promote charities of non-profit initiatives, making a positive impact on important social causes.”    

IPM chairman director Becky Munday congratulated all the agencies and their clients, and then presented everyone with the awards they had won.     

EACA will offer gold winners the chance to enrol in the online IMCC International Diploma course for free. The diploma covers all promotions communicated via media and various channels such as web, mobile and experiential.    

The IMC European Awards are open to national award winners in the nine member countries of the Integrated Marketing Communications Council (IMC) of Europe and are managed by EACA, with the assistance of the IMCC and with the support of WARC and Adforum.    

The selection was made by a jury panel made up of 60 industry professionals from across Europe. The complete list of winners from all across Europe will be released at the end of November.


         Agency - 23 Red

         Award - Gold

         Campaign - Stoptober 

         Client        - Public Health England

        Category - Cause, Charity/Non-profit Marketing or Social 


         Agency - 23 Red

         Award - Silver

         Campaign - Be Food Smart 

         Client        - Public Health England

        Category - Cause, Charity/Non-profit Marketing or Social 


         Agency - Arc

         Award - Gold & Silver

         Campaign - Respect the Water 

         Client        - Royal National Lifeboat Institution

        Category - Cause, Charity/Non-profit Marketing or Social 

                            - Integrated Communication



         Agency - Savvy Marketing

         Award - Silver

         Campaign - Morrisons sponsorship of Saturday Night Takeaway

         Client        - Morrisons

        Category - Retail or Trade Marketing


         Agency - whynot!

         Award - Bronze

         Campaign - Anchor Rewards Club

         Client        - Arla Foods Ltd

        Category - Loyalty

Only campaigns which have won an award in their own national awards programme are eligible for entry to The IMC Awards. In the UK, winning an IPM Award is the only way to enter the IMC Awards. The Call for entries for 2015 will be up soon.

For further information please click here or contact our membership team at 020 7291 7730 who will be happy to help  

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