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IPM launches new Winners List service

The Institute of Promotional Marketing has added to the services it offers members with the launch of The IPM Winners List, a website where the organisers of competitions and prize draws can post details of who has won. 

The rules which govern prize promotions in the UK say that anyone running one must make a list of major prize winners, including their names and the county where they live, available to anyone who asks. In some cases, winning entries must also be made available for inspection. 

Brands and agencies which run prize promotions and then fail to provide a list of winners on request can and have had complaints against them upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority. 

Hina Gohil, in-house lawyer with the IPM’s Legal Advisory Service (IPM LAS) says: “Nobody organising a promotion wants to be hauled over the coals by the ASA – and certainly not for something as silly as failing to post a winners list. We know, however, that it can be a chore to provide a list of winners and winning entries, which is why we’ve created this website, The IPM Winners List, where brand owners and their agencies can easily and quickly provide the details that the rules say they must.” 

IPM members who have had a campaign which includes a competition or prize draw examined by the IPM LAS can post the relevant list of winners to The IPM Winners List for free. Where the competition has not been checked by the IPM LAS, or where the organiser is not a member of the IPM, there will be a £200 charge to post each list. 

More information can be found on The IPM Winners List website, or email enquiries@theipm.org.uk.

The IPM is the trade body representing the promotional marketing industry, and is committed to making sure that all marketers who run promotions are aware of their responsibilities under UK law and also the UK Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Practice (the CAP Code). 

These rules – otherwise known as the CAP Code – govern advertising and marketing in this country, and are used by the ASA as the benchmark to decide whether a complaint over an ad or a promotion is valid. 

The IPM LAS has reviewed more than 25,000 promotional marketing campaigns over the past 16 years. It advises brands and agencies on compliance with the CAP Code and with UK law.