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IPM statements and press releases

On this page, you will find a list of IPM statements and press releases.

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CAP Code: Positive Change in Rules  

Chairman's Dinner: November 2017 Should Political Advertising Be Regulated? 

Legal Advisory Service: Announcement 

Brexit: the view from the IPM 

What happens if we exit from the EU? 

CAP Consultation Launched 

CAP Policy Update

Code Based Promotions: Important

Sugar Tax: update 

Grocery Retail Offers: Scrutiny 

Sport Five Update


IPM upholds right to self regulate

17/11/2015  'Tis the season for Promotions

 26/10/2015  UK leads the way in the IMC Awards
13/11/2014 UK's European IMC Awards 2014

 26/09/2015  New head of SDPRP announced
04/11/2014 Don't be a 'Dummy' ask for permission

19/08/2014 Recruiting - Finance & Operations Manager


Recruiting - Training & Events Manager
Recruiting - Head of Marketing

15/08/2014 Facebook to ban 'Like Gates'

21/07/2014 IPM appoints Jodie Hopperton as managing director

07/07/2014 IPM and Lewis Silkin cement relationship

06/05/2014   Why get 'MotDipped'?

22/04/2014 IPM Awards 2014 guests raise over £10,000 for CoppaFeel! charity

22/04/2014 IPM Awards 2014 winners announced

22/04/2014 Manchester IPM Bowling 2014

22/04/2014 The IPM launches IPM Winners List service

17/02/2014 Paddy Power Pistorius ad ban justified, says IPM

17/02/2014 New free promotional marketing seminars

17/02/2014 UK companies spend £55bn on promotional marketing

17/02/2014 IPM recruits new head of membership

06/02/2014 IPM Spring Graduation at the Houses of Parliament

16/01/2014 UK campaigns do well in MAAW GLOBES worldwide awards

16/01/2014 Bellwether shows promo marketing spend still rising

17 /12/2013 IPM appoints marketing intern

17 /12/2013 CoppaFeel! thanks IPM for support

20 /11/2013 Coupons.com wins IPM Autumn Bowling tournament

14 /11/2013 UK campaigns win big in IMC European awards

14 /11/2013 Advertising Association LEAD 2014 conference for senior leaders

07 /11/2013 SMP wins Autumn 2013 IPM London Quiz Night

30/10/2013 IPM Autumn Graduation: Diploma and Certificate in Promotional Marketing

14/10/2013 Statement on Scottish Government proposals for a Publicly Available Specification on the marketing of food and drink products

 14/10/2013 UK leads finalist list at IMC European Awards 2013