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What is Promotional Marketing?

The IPM defines Promotional Marketing as follows:

"Promotional Marketing is any marketing initiative, the purpose of which
is to create a call to action that has a direct and positive impact on the
behaviour of a targeted audience by offering a demonstrable, though
not necessarily tangible, benefit."

To put it another way, Promotional Marketing is all about using marketing communications to get people to do something. 

That something could be buying a product or service. It could be giving to a charity or supporting one in some other way. It could be voting for a favourite act. It could be doing more exercise.

Promotional marketing can even involve getting people to stop doing things – like smoking, for example, or eating unhealthy foods.   

Promotional marketing content can be delivered through various channels, including broadcast, print and digital advertising, direct marketing, in-store, experiential, coupons, competitions, value-added and price promotions, and employee and retailer engagement and incentive programmes.

Our members use a range of promotional techniques, which can include: 

  • Price promotions
  • Prize promotions
  • Self-liquidating promotions
  • Free promotions
  • Cause-related promotions

These techniques are designed to engage people and get them to do something.