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Why get 'MotDipped'?

John Fisher, Managing Director, FMI Group

For many years, I used to think there was no real training for people joining the ‘motivation industry’. If you were lucky, your line manager gave you a few tips.
There were plenty of marketing and promotional courses but nothing specifically about performance improvement or marketing within the channel. Some agencies had their own internal training programmes but it was always very hard to know if you were giving the right advice to clients if you didn't have big agency backing… and sometimes even if you did. 

That’s why I wrote my incentives book back in 1995… that was virtually pre-Internet! But you had to know it existed to get it and then go to a bookshop to buy it. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but there was no Amazon in those days.

So when the idea of creating an industry qualification was floated by the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM), I thoroughly approved.

It didn’t hurt that my book was the obvious choice as a source of content. It’s been updated several times since it was first published, of course, and all students of the IPM Motivation Diploma get a free copy.  Reading matter aside, although the six month IPM Motivation Diploma course is primarily delivered via distance-learning, I believe the main benefits come from the immersion days and seminars that the tutors run.

Students get together, usually in London, and walk through some of the questions and discuss what they mean. Often there is no right or wrong answer so being able to discuss the options with people who do the same job as you is invaluable. The tutors are all senior practitioners in the industry too, so you not only get sound advice, but also a variety of approaches which you may not get when you work for just one organisation.

Once you get to know other people who do what you do, it’s easy to stay connected these days. They often turn into firm friends and useful contacts when you come up against something technical down the line to do with communication or database handling.

The other thing the IPM MotDip gives you is the confidence to offer clients advice and coaching in how to run programmes effectively.

It’s one thing to sort out a website but quite another to devise a structure that delivers the business result the client wants. When a lot of budget is at stake, you have to get it right if you want the job next time around.

So if you’re in the marketing or motivation business, whether you offer consultancy, brand activation or simply supply incentives and rewards, getting ‘Motdipped’ means you can provide better advice and be more effective… which is what it’s all about as a marketing professional.

For further information about the IPM Diploma in Motivation, please follow the link below or contact Jody Bratley at jodyb@theipm.org.uk / 020 7291 7742


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