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Definitions FAQ

Does the IPM have an agreed definition of Promotional Marketing?   

Yes. Promotional Marketing is any marketing initiative, creating a call to action that has a direct and positive impact on the behaviour of a targeted audience by offering a demonstrable, though not necessarily tangible, benefit.  

Does the IPM have an agreed definition of Experiential Marketing?   

Yes. Experiential Marketing is the connecting of a brand and its potential customers by targeted, meaningful and relevant face-to-face experiences. 

The purpose of experiential marketing is to offer consumers more involvement with a brand than is provided by any other form of media.

Typically activities are designed to get potential customers / users to taste, feel, smell, play with, or use a product or service. This may be achieved through sampling, demonstrations or similar activities with a physical and sensory element.   

What IS shopper marketing? 

This is defined by the IPM as "understanding how one's target consumers behave as shoppers, in different channels and formats and leveraging this intelligence to the benefit of all stakeholders - brands, consumers, retailers and shoppers."   

According to Chris Hoyt in the book Shopper Marketing (Kogan Page, 2009) "Shopper marketing is brand marketing in retail environment.” 

It includes category management, displays, sales, packaging, promotion, research and marketing, "Shopper marketing is the elephant in the room that nobody sees the same way."  

The IPM run courses across a number of different promotional marketing specialisms including Shopper Marketing. For details click here