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Effectiveness Week 2016

Effectiveness Week: The Start of An Effectiveness Revolution 

In early November, in the biggest marketing collaboration of its kind, Effectiveness Week was held boasting a two day conference plus over 50 satellite events.

The collaboration focused on a single minded proposition.

To create and promote a shared EFFECTIVENESS CULTURE by building an unrivalled evidence base for how marketing and communications activity delivers value and by equipping clients (and agencies) with the tools and techniques to put into practice everyday. ​

The IPA backed proposition brought together a strong  panel representing major brands and key marketers together with industry bodies meant that Effectiveness Week hosted discussions across every marketing discipline. The IPM hosted two key events on Experiential and Shopper Marketing for it's Members, hosted at Pretty Green and Grey Shopper, bringing together it's two Councils and expert speakers.


On 3rd November, the first IPM Effectiveness Session was hosted by Jess Hargreaves and the team at Pretty Green. Joined by an expert panel from the Experiential Council: Jess Hargreaves, Claire Stokes CEO Circle, Adam Azor SVP Jack Morton WW, Tom Lovegrove, Director of Client Planning Wasserman, Steve Messenger ​Joint CEO Red Route International, Tina Fegent Chair of CIPS Marketing Procurement, Fiona Campbell-Roberts, Head of UK Marketing Hammerson and Dan Gibbons, BU Director Insights & Planning Cosine.

Jess Hargreaves has also posted on PrettyGreen's blog observations from the day. 

Carey Trevill, Managing Director of the IPM, chaired the Experiential Session, introducing to over forty IPM Members assembled for the morning, the concept behind Effectiveness Week and to explain the launch of the IPM's Experiential Measurement Principles, presenting the session as an opportunity for Members to have their say.

IPM Experiential Measurement Principles 

Kicking off the session with the belief in core measurement principles that the experiential industry should adhere to was essential for universal growth and understanding of the discipline, Jess Hargreaves took Members through the five key principles of Effective Measurement. Steve Messenger of Red Route ​International, who has been working closely with the IPM's Experiential Council on measurement methodology to apply to the experiential world, took delegates on a detailed journey of why measurement was so critical and how the approach would be applied.

With key questions then aimed at the panel by the Chair, the principles were expanded, addressing key factors such as the potential of universal measurement, acceptance of what 'good looks like' through to the exploration of how retail executions are affecting executional outcomes. The addition of industry expert Tina Fegent to the panel raised key points for delegates on the approach and application of such ideas within this context.

The panel then turned to the delegates attending to hold breakout discussions to explore key points of the principles, with the panel members joining discussions. Carey Trevill quizzed the breakout groups on their views, gathering key insights to understand how the collective weight of the industry could change the way this important marketing skill is viewed, a clear definition of the benefits of experiential and how the conversation must be elevated to CFOs to ensure experiential is viewed as a successful medium within the marketing mix.

With broad approval of the measurement principles, the IPM Experiential Council pledged to take all feedback and officially launch the Experiential Measurement Principles in the coming weeks. Attending the event were a number of high profile brands who also pledged their support for the measurement approach and with connection to the CIPS Marketing Procurement panel, the IPM would champion the approach in the coming year to establish a long term tracking of effective measurement founded on the beliefs presented.  

Shopper Effectiveness Debate

In the second IPM Effectiveness Session to discuss Shopper Marketing, was hosted and chaired by Rob Sellers Managing Director of Grey Shopper and joined by members of the newly formed IPM Shopper Marketing Council plus industry experts to debate the view on Shopper effectiveness today.

Rob Sellers commented "Two brilliantly-attended events that were great platforms for experts in their fields to interrogate how and why we do the things we do. The Shopper Effectiveness session felt like the first step on a meaningful journey. It was fantastic to have stakeholders from across the Shopper spectrum essentially agree that we need to work together to build a stronger but justified reputation for Shopper as a discipline".

Rob Sellers was joined by Nic Sanders, Head of Instore Comms & Experiential The Co-Op, Paul Morrissey Agency Acumen and CIPS Marketing Procurement Panel, Danielle Pinnington CEO Shoppercentric, Clare Cryer, Managing Director Integer and Laura Izzard Snr Acct Director Haygarth.

Carey Trevill started the session with an explanation of the industry position on effectiveness and how the need to determine a clear measurement technique that was universally accepted would boost the efficacy of shopper marketing within overall marketing spend, armed with response from the Experiential session the day before, the shape of shopper and experiential should and would be driven by the IPM and it's Member run Councils.

Rob Sellers positioned the need for the industry, led by the IPM's Shopper Council, to promote the role of shopper to make it smart, sexy and make shopper famous. Rob went on to state that in order to make this happen, a collective ambition was needed to recognise and evaluate Shopper - setting clear, measureable standards to represent brilliant work. Excited by the industry position to affect overall outcomes by keeping effectiveness at the heart of what we do, Rob went on to explain that setting the scene with what shoppers are actually doing was critical in our overall understanding of shopper behaviour now.

Danielle Pinnington CEO and Founder of Shoppercentric, a regular speaker and contributor to the IPM presented some key facts to delegates attending, stating clear facts about shopper motivation and action. The panel then went on to debate the meaning of shopper and measurement today. 

Amongst the highlight comments from the panel was the ability to truly evaluate your own work and for all parties to be invested in the measurement outcome. Consistently questioned where metrics outside of pure sales that led to positive outcomes where shopper defined the action. Rob Sellers presented a broadly known shopper definition with a further pledge from the IPM Shopper Council to pin down the definition. With further calls for all in shopper to understand and positively approach barriers to effectiveness, the panel concluded that often results are not being taken into careful enough consideration as the next project was already in planning. Being future ready was a key component of how shopper would continue to be at the forefront of marketing plans. 

Following a similar format to the Experiential session, Carey Trevill went on to facilitate group breakout discussions with panel members again joining groups to help expand the thinking and thought process. Echoing much of the sentiments of the panel, contributions to the debate demonstrated that many areas of where path to purchase influence starts and ends has become more diverse, leading to opportunities together with straightforward points coming from delegates about the need to promote evaluation and results as a positive benefit from the industry.

Wrapping up the session, delegates were asked for future input and views forthcoming measurement principles with commitment from both the Council and IPM to issue clear measurement guidelines in 2017.

The IPM would like to thank our hosts, Pretty Green and Grey Shopper for supporting the IPM during Effectiveness Week to provide a seminar that was free of charge for IPM Members. Thank you also to all our panel Members who attended the sessions whose invaluable input created the base for discussion and finally a huge thank you to our Members who attended and contributed to the overall discussion. 

Please find below links to documents and resources presented during the events. These documents can be fully accessed when logging in using IPM Member log in.

Please access the Experiential Presentation here

Please access the Shopper Presentation here

Further supporting documents will be added to this page in due course.