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What promotions can run in European markets?    

This is a complex area and would advise anyone looking to run promotions across European markets from the UK to seek advice from the IPM Legal Advisory Service. We would draw your attention to the following links.   

Links to Legal Services commentary on the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD) and the decisions made by the European Court of Justice invalidating national laws overriding the directive.   

For specific advice in individual countries still contact the Legal Services team in the first instance. 

For advice on non-legal promotional marketing matters in these markets you may wish to contact the individual country bodies.   

AUSTRIA:  Austrian Federation of Sales Promotion, Andrea Feichtinger-Tassul, feichtinger@pluspromotion.com

BELGIUM: AAC Expert Group - Stephan Smets www.accbelgium.be

GREECE: Hellenic Association of Communications Agencies (HACA) - Christs Damalas damalasc@msps.gr

IRELAND:  APMC, Padraig Smith, Chairman padraig@marketingnetwork.ie 

POS Marketing Association e. V. (POSMA) Peter Draeger draeger@frey-g2.com   

ITALY: Assocommunicazione Settore Promozione, Incentivazione e Servizi di Marketing Marco Gualdi, info@assocomunicazione.it 

SPAIN:  Asociacion Espanola de Agencias de Marketing Promocional, Oscar Gil, Oscar.Gil@momentum-spain.com   

NETHERLANDS: Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association,  Kees-Jan Rozenstraten,  KEES-JAN@dcvf.nl