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Shopper Marketing Conference 2015


The IPM held their Shopper Marketing Conference at the iconic Sadler's Wells Theatre in June, to explore the new behaviours that are developing as a result of habits changing. How are our lives shaping and changing the way we behave at fixture forever or are old, tried and tested methods still working?


In a speaker-packed day, chaired by Mars Agency London's Managing Director, Darren Keen, delegates were challenged to ask themselves what's changed for the better, how can we harness the tools we use as marketers to benefit and attract shoppers to experience our brands. 

Darren commented "Days like these are worth taking the day away from the office for to learn and understand more about how we talk to the individualised shopper". With personalised tweets for every speaker, delegates were able to post challenging questions directly to speakers during panel sessions, nurturing great discussions about where shopper is changing.

Viv Craske of Live& Breathe kicked off the speaker slots by asking challenging questions of the delegates; looking to the future of shopper communications and where we could end up and how the industry is being disrupted. Dave Lawrence, Head of Global at TCC went on to describe the effects of discounters and convenience shops, basket spend and how shoppers view switching across brands and retailers. 

Pierre-Luc Petard, Senior Manager for Digital Shopper Marketing at Coca-Cola delighted delegates with a walk through shopper use of mobile and how we can really talk to the shoppers, where adoption is key. On average, we check our phones 221 times a day - how may times can a brand interact in a memorable way with mobile users? By putting shoppers first and making ease of transactions part of the process, we will engage with shoppers by making their experience part of the plan. Pierre-Luc commented on the benefits of attending the Shopper Conference; "seeing many business case studies and how techniques have been applied has been great".

Victor Kok of IMI International's talk lifted the lid on promotional marketing myths, intriguing delegates with truths about what works for consumers and what doesn't. A popular talk that gave all delegates a chance to answer some long held questions about why certain behaviours work across promotion types, prize promotions as well as they key issues facing segments of society and what will make these audiences tick. Victor went on to comment "These sessions bring to life the words on a screen; you learn so much more than just what's written in a presentation". 

Modern-English duo Bruce Thomas and Darren Hawkins detailed the ways of using targeted content to engage shoppers with core explanations of why minimising distraction for the on-line shopper will lead to less basket abandonment and happier experiences for the on line user. Content living in the social ecosystem needs a reason to survive past user generated content - clever brands use the content-driven shopper to drive brand engagement with minimal effort for the user. 

Cisco Partner, Jason Taylor of The Wi-Fi Guy, talked us through how we can talk to the shopper more effectively at POP through connected in store experiences using great examples of case studies with intu Shopper Centres using wi-fi to give shoppers added value through targeted offers, growing customer interaction. Jason commented "The speakers at these events are just part of it; the people and the discussions are really important too to connect".

Matt Doyle of Launchcloud held a face to face interview with Kim Levine, Director at Hels Angels examining the effect of real time data on re-launch of spirit brand Jaegermeister, and how accurate shopper data allowed the brand to examine closely the cause and effect of key messaging. 

Sarah Marshall of Arc WW, IPM's Agency of the Year 2015, talked us through a wide landscape of Global trends that are changing the way other markets behave from how to capture shoppers' imagination even before a store is opened through to extreme vending to service shoppers, quickly, cost effectively. The trend of combining brand and lifestyle continues seeing many dual-purpose locations springing up to fulfil several shopper needs at once. Sarah commented "The Conference covered retail inspiration - a wide range of subjects are covered by shopper, retail, data, innovation".  Fiona Murdock, Haygarth's Senior Planner, went on to say "We got a good handle on what's happening now and what to watch for future, and why it matters".

 Fiona presented Millennial's Research, exclusive to Haygarth, created to understand more about this high spending, habit forming group, delegates discovered key insights about food becoming the new rock and roll, yet only 11% feel that advertising of food and drink is aimed at them, and how their shopping habits mirror those of parents more closely than we think.

Finishing the day, Managing Director of Shoppercentric, Danielle Pinnington drove home some key home truths about what brands can do better for shoppers to surprise and delight. Danielle showed us that the old rules still apply and shoppers tend to feel let down by retail and brand behaviour. A lively question and answer session wrapped up the day, looking closely at what we can do as marketers to keep developing and improving the curve for our shoppers, ​making brands easy to find, choose and consider for shoppers.

Delegates finished the day with a welcome glass of wine and stayed to discuss the various topics of the day and spent time with key speakers. 

If you want to know more about the day or the material presented, please contact the team on 020 291 7730 or via email to contact@theipm.org.uk.

Further Conferences and Events will be announced over the coming months and we look forward to welcoming you at the IPM.