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Is there a minimum face value below which consumers are not motivated to save and redeem coupons? 

As with all such questions the real answer is dependent upon that unique mix of brand, market, time of year, value, audience type, distribution, competitive set, marketing environment and product availability. However, we recognise where this question is coming from and as such asked this question of shoppers in the 2013 fast.Map Marketing Gap survey.

64% of shoppers said they would redeem coupons valued at 20p regardless of price, whereas 97% said they would redeem coupons at £5 or higher.

If you are an IPM member you can  view the full 2013 fast.Map Marketing Gap IPM Report by clicking here.

How many consumers redeem coupons or vouchers they might get through the post, email, mobile phone or newspapers/magazines?

The danger here is applying generic and averaged findings to bespoke and particular brands. However, the same 2013 fast.Map Marketing Gap survey asked this question of shoppers and the results showed that 63% of shoppers occasionally redeemed coupons, with a further 29% regularly redeeming.

Less than 1 in 10 shoppers claim never to redeem coupons.

How effective are different trialing mechanics at driving real trial?

Again, the key word here is real. Real trial is a mechanic that encourages triallists to go and actually BUY. 

In the 2013 fast.Map Marketing Gap survey we asked shoppers how many went on to buy a product for the FIRST time as a direct result of a trialing mechanic. The results were lower than marketers had expected but still show real effectiveness measures rather than simply trial measures.

 Never Bought as a result of trial  56%
 Following Postal Sample 19%
 Online Sample 19%
 Sampled in/around Store 15%
 At Friends or Family 7%
 At a Promo Event 7%
 Street/ Shopping Centre/ Community   6%

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