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Legal Advisory Service Case Charges

The IPM Legal Advisory Service represents exceptional advice for all promotional marketing campaigns to ensure all your campaigns are compliant with the CAP Code and current UK Law.

The IPM represents the promotional marketing industry, and is able to offer regulatory advice and guidance under UK Law for all aspects of your marketing campaigns. This includes advice for promotional compliance and verification of your promotions as an independent body.

The IPM is a Member of CAP, part of the UK's self regulatory Code of Practice. 

Who do we offer advice for? 

If you are a brand, agency or corporate client looking for approval or guidance on your work, we can provide expert support and advice on every aspect of your campaign including terms & conditions, artwork and all forms of non-broadcast media. We frequently act as specialist advisors to in house teams.

Do you have to be an IPM Member to access the service? 

The IPM's Legal Advisory Service is available to IPM Members and non-Members. There are significant savings on case enquiries under IPM Membership.

Please note that all rates set out on this page or quoted by us are subject to VAT @ 20%.

The provision of all legal advisory services is subject to the Terms & Conditions for IPM Legal Advisory Service.

Case Charges

Legal Review and Approval of: 

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Creative Assets
  • Promotional mechanics

IPM Members: £350+VAT

Non-Members: £500+VAT

Please note that ALL charges are subject to VAT at the current rate. 

*For IPM Members only, pre-purchased cases are available:

5 cases: £1365 @ £273 each

10 cases: £2630 @ £263 each

20+cases: £5000 @ £250 each

*Pre-purchased cases are valid for 12 consecutive months from the date of purchase.All charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.

A valid purchase order must be provided for any case accepted. Quotations for work are supplied on request. 

Each Legal Approval and Review covers up to 4 stages of review, based on the original text and images supplied, provided that the reviews are submitted to the IPM within two months of the original enquiry being received. Requests for review after two months of the original enquiry will be treated as a new case and charged as such. For Members, fully reviewed and approved promotions qualify for a free IPM Seal, recognised by the ASA. Non-members can apply for a Seal at £200.00. The Seal can be used on all promotional materials approved by the IPM including digital and on pack. Use of the IPM Seal is subject to the Terms & Conditions of Usage of the IPM Seal.

Generation of approved Terms & Conditions:

  • From brief supplied, full set of Terms & Conditions will be generated, fully CAP and current English law compliant
  • Up to 4 stages of text review and amends, based on original briefing
  • Quote supplied based on promotion

IPM Members: From £750

Non-Members: From £850

Independent Prize Promotion Management:

  • Winner Selection for Prize Draws
  • Winning Moments generation
  • Publishing Winners Lists and hosting Terms & Conditions (previously approved or generated by the IPM) (IPM Members: Free / IPM Non-Members: From £200)
  • Quote supplied based on promotion

IPM Members: From £250

Non-Members: From £300

Independent Judging

  • Judging supplied on hourly rate
  • Quote supplied based on promotion

IPM Members: £200 per hour plus administration

Non-Members: £250 per hour plus administration

International Review and Approval Service

Available upon request