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The IPM Winners List

Advertising and marketing communications in the UK are governed by the UK Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing, more usually known as the CAP Code.   

The CAP Code states that anyone running a prize promotion must make a list of major prize winners, including their names and the county where they live, available to anyone who asks, once the promotion is over.   

In some cases, usually where a test of skill is part of the entry conditions, winning entries must also be made available for inspection. Brands and agencies which fail to provide lists of winners can find their campaigns the subject of investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority. If an investigation is upheld, then they may have a campaign banned. 

Unfortunately, the people organizing prize promotions can overlook the publication of winners’ details – which is why the Institute of Promotional Marketing (the IPM) has created a new service, The IPM Winners List. 

The IPM Winners List is a website where brand owners and their agencies can easily and quickly provide the details that the rules say they must. The IPM Winners List is free for IPM members to use, if they have had the campaign the list relates to checked by the IPM LAS.   

Non-members, or members who have not had a campaign checked by the LAS, will be charged £200 for every list they upload.   

More information can be found on The IPM Winners List website, or email enquiries@theipm.org.uk. 

So why not save yourself time and effort, and make sure you’re fulfilling your obligations under the CAP Code, by posting the lists of winners from your competitions, and the winning entries where necessary, on The IPM Winners List?