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IPM Seal Terms & Conditions of Usage

  1. It is a fundamental principle of the United Kingdom (UK) system of self- regulation that the promoter is responsible for all aspects of a promotion and adheres to the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the “CAP Code”). It is, therefore, a condition of using the IPM Seal that all parties to a promotion recognise this. 
  2. The Institute of Promotional Marketing ("the IPM") Legal & Compliance service must see all final artwork and all communication elements of the promotion which are relevant to the award of the IPM Seal. 
  3. A director or other senior executive of the agency/client warrants, on behalf of the agency/client, that there will be no later changes to finished artwork which will be published or distributed without first being checked by the Legal & Compliance service. 
  4. A director or other senior executive of the agency/client warrants, on behalf of the agency/client, that the fulfilment aspects of the promotion will be carried out with all due diligence and in full conformity with the law and the requirements of the CAP Code. 
  5. The IPM Seal relates only to the UK. It is not, therefore, to be used in relation to promotional campaigns in any other country. Where a UK campaign unavoidably crosses national frontiers with common packaging and/or common communication elements, a director, or other senior executive of the agency/client, warrants, on behalf of the agency/client, that the campaign will meet all legal and Code of Practice requirements in those countries where The Seal will appear. 
  6. The decision as to whether and where a promotion can carry The Seal and the terms on which it is carried is that of the IPM alone. 
  7. The IPM Seal must be shown in the form approved and designated by the IPM. Failure to do so will render the use of the IPM Seal unauthorised with the consequences set out below. 
  8. The IPM Seal is awarded in respect of specific promotions and specific materials. It cannot be used against promotions or materials other than that for which it is designated, unless they qualify separately. It cannot be used in a way that suggests or implies that the agency/client has been given an endorsement as a corporate entity as opposed to a specific promotion. Any misuse of this kind will lead to the use of the IPM Seal being regarded as unauthorised. 
  9. Any unauthorised use of the IPM Seal or any failure to comply with the requirements set out above will result in immediate cancellation of the IPM Seal for that promotion, together with a 12 month prohibition on using the IPM Seal on any promotion for that client as well as possible disciplinary action by the IPM. It will also lay a member open to disciplinary action by the IPM. 
  10. It is a condition of being granted the use of the IPM Seal that details of the relevant promotion which is the subject of the award of the IPM Seal will be given on the IPM Seal microsite. These details will include the name of the promotion, the relevant brand name, company name and the duration of the promotion.