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Why come to us for guidance?


You are the experts in creating and executing exciting and innovative promotional campaigns. We have experts in helping you ​run those campaigns ​in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

From reviewing terms and conditions or artwork, to judging competitions and picking winners fairly, the IPM’s Legal Advisory Service provides guidance on relevant English law and the advertising and marketing Codes of Practice and can review any promotional activity you are running.

Who do we offer advice for? 

If you are a brand, agency or corporate client looking for guidance on your work, we can provide expert support and advice on every aspect of your campaign including terms & conditions, artwork and all forms of non-broadcast media. We frequently act as specialist advisors to in house teams.

Do you have to be an IPM Member to access the service? 

The IPM's terms and conditions review service is available to IPM Members and non-Members (at a higher cost than members). The helpline is available to  members only.

The IPM is a Member of CAP, part of the UK's self regulatory Code of Practice. 

Our Services 

Through our Legal Advisory Service we offer guidance on the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP Code) and advertising laws of England and Wales, including: 

  • Legal Review and Approval of:
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Creative Assets; and                                        
    • Promotional mechanics
  • Generation of approved Terms & Conditions
  • Independent Prize Promotion Management:
    • Winner Selection for Prize Draws
    • Competition Judging
    • Winning Moments generation
    • Publishing Winners Lists and hosting Terms & Conditions 
  • European Promotional Guidance & Consultancy
  • General Advertising and Marketing law advice

Fast Turnaround 

We understand the pressures and constraints that marketers work under and for IPM members we endeavour to offer a one working day turnaround on our services within normal office hours.

The provision of all legal advisory services is subject to case charges and the Terms & Conditions for IPM Legal Advisory Service . Please read these carefully.  

If you would like to discuss using the IPM's service please email us at legal@theipm.org.uk with your enquiry.


Please Note: 

The team has expertise on the CAP Code (which applies across the United Kingdom) and on the relevant laws of England and Wales.  If you require advice on the law of other territories (including other UK home nations) please specify this and the LAS will provide a quote for seeking advice from qualified lawyers in the relevant territory/ies via the European Service.

If you are an IPM Member seeking advice in EU Markets, please contact us for key promotional information on EU Member states.

Through the Legal Advisory Service the IPM offers its opinion on the basis of the information provided to it by enquirers and on the basis of its understanding and interpretation of the relevant laws and Codes of Practice within its expertise, and their practical application and enforcement at the time we are asked to provide assistance.    Incomplete information, particularly a failure to supply relevant facts and information, will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the IPM to give good professional advice.  Although the IPM Legal & Compliance team is run by knowledgeable experts, our liability is limited as set out at clause 15 and 16 of the Terms & Conditions for IPM Legal Advisory Service