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Data and Privacy for Advertising and Marketing Communications

At the IPM we have long emphasised the importance of following best practice principles on data protection. It’s a crucial part of building trust with customers. We recommend all members read and follow the guidance recently issued by the AA, which reflects our own position on this important matter. If you have any question about how the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect your data collection practices contact us at legal@theipm.org.uk

After an extended period of consultation across the UK advertising and marketing communications sectors, the Advertising Association Council agreed to adopt a series of best practice principles on data and privacy for advertising and marketing communications.

The AA hope the five straightforward recommendations will make it easy for organisations to understand and follow what we think are the fundamentals of using consumers’ personal data for advertising and marketing communications. the recommendations combine examples of best practice behaviour and provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will be implemented in UK law in May 2018. 

Consumer trust is vitally important to the success of advertising – and this includes winning people’s trust and confidence in the way organisations use their personal data.

The five best practice principles on data and privacy

1.      Be responsible and accountable

- Use people’s personal data fairly and in line with the law
- Be accountable for how the organisation uses personal data for advertising and marketing communications
- Promote the responsible use of personal data through the organisation’s values and processes

2.      Treat personal data with care and integrity

- Take, and be able to demonstrate, all reasonable steps to keep people’s personal data secure and up to date
- Do not keep it for longer than necessary

3.      Respect people’s choices

- Get consent whenever the organisation asks for someone’s personal data for advertising and marketing communications
- Explain up front and in plain language how the person’s data will be used and how they will benefit. Only use it for the   purposes they have agreed to
- Ask the person for their marketing preferences when gathering their personal data – and honour these
- Provide easy ways for anyone to contact the organisation

4.      Be honest and fair

- Be clear, open and transparent
- Never target anyone irresponsibly with advertising or marketing communications

5.      Respect people’s privacy

- Respect people’s right to privacy when gathering personal data for advertising or marketing communication
- Ensure anyone can easily opt out of receiving advertising or marketing communications – and honour this

For more… Including suggested ‘dos and don’ts’ for organisations using personal data, download the file below