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General Best Practice Guidelines

Understanding Gen Z is more than Gen Zombie: How brands can engage the digital n

By simply gaining a greater understanding of this generation, and ignoring assumptions and stereotypes. Rather than seeing Gen Z as Gen Zombie – the brain-dead, screen-obsessed youth – it’s essential that brands fully understand and respect how Gen Z perceive the world if they want to engage with them.

Influencer marketing: Why are we worried about it & where should it go next?

We conducted a survey on marketers' perceptions of influencer marketing, talked to an influencer and spoke to CAP about the regulations in place.

What's the skinny on HFSS

Helen Hart, the IPM's Regulatory Affairs Manager explores campaigns under fire over the stricter rules on HFSS, what comes next and gives compliant advice.

Amazon’s take on the future of brick-and-mortar retail with ‘Amazon Go’

Amazon explores the future of 'brick-and-mortar' retail with automated grocery store and checkout-less shopping.

The dos and don'ts of 'win tickets' style brand activations

Advice on 'win tickets' style brand activations

Brand activations for the World Cup 2018

The best and the worst brand activations for the World Cup 2018: technology, stereotyping, experiences and more.

GDPR Guide

This guide provides full details what GDPR is and why it is needed, as well as information on how to prepare for the upcoming changes.

Short Terms Checklist

We’ve put together a basic list of what needs to be included in ads/posts for promotions, based on rule 8.17 of the Code.

Experiential Marketing Code of Conduct (EMCC) 2017

Reflecting the core principles of the CAP Code, the EMCC sets the benchmark for excellence and best practice in every situation.

IPM Coupon Clearing Code of Practice

IPM Coupon Clearing Code of Practice (updated 2016) This is an industry Code of Practice for the operating and inter-operating standards expected of UK coupon clearing agents, who are appointed by UK coupon issuers and UK coupon redeemers, typically grocery retailers.

Coupon Guidelines

The IPM's Guide to Coupons: 2017 Up to date guidance on printed coupons best practice

A Guide to Fixed Fee Promotions

A brief introduction to the Fixed Fee industry – which exists to offer a risk management solution to the promotions industry, safeguarding budgets.