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Understanding Gen Z is more than Gen Zombie: How brands can engage the digital n

By simply gaining a greater understanding of this generation, and ignoring assumptions and stereotypes. Rather than seeing Gen Z as Gen Zombie – the brain-dead, screen-obsessed youth – it’s essential that brands fully understand and respect how Gen Z perceive the world if they want to engage with them.
» Best Practice » General

Influencer marketing: Why are we worried about it & where should it go next?

We conducted a survey on marketers' perceptions of influencer marketing, talked to an influencer and spoke to CAP about the regulations in place.
» Best Practice » General

What's the skinny on HFSS

Helen Hart, the IPM's Regulatory Affairs Manager explores campaigns under fire over the stricter rules on HFSS, what comes next and gives compliant advice.
» Best Practice » General

Amazon’s take on the future of brick-and-mortar retail with ‘Amazon Go’

Amazon explores the future of 'brick-and-mortar' retail with automated grocery store and checkout-less shopping.
» Best Practice » General

The dos and don'ts of 'win tickets' style brand activations

Advice on 'win tickets' style brand activations
» Best Practice » General

'Winning moments': What to consider

Advice on 'winning moments' style brand activations.
» Best Practice » Legal & Code Issues - Prize Promotions

Brand activations for the World Cup 2018

The best and the worst brand activations for the World Cup 2018: technology, stereotyping, experiences and more.
» Best Practice » General

GDPR Guide

This guide provides full details what GDPR is and why it is needed, as well as information on how to prepare for the upcoming changes.
» Best Practice » General

Short Terms Checklist

We’ve put together a basic list of what needs to be included in ads/posts for promotions, based on rule 8.17 of the Code.
» Best Practice » General

Experiential Marketing Code of Conduct (EMCC) 2017

Reflecting the core principles of the CAP Code, the EMCC sets the benchmark for excellence and best practice in every situation.
» Best Practice » General