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Membership FAQ

Included below are a number of frequently asked questions that have been received by the IPM membership team from brand owners, agencies and service partners. 

If there are any further questions that you have, please call us on 020 ​3848 0444 or alternatively, email us at membership@theipm.org.uk.

1. Is the annual membership calendar based or does membership commence on a specific month every year?

Membership is calendar based and commences on receipt of membership fees.   

2. What are the restrictions to applying for corporate membership?

We will require two separate references from companies who you have worked with in the past or you have a current working relationship with. The IPM will contact these references   

3. How do I apply for corporate membership?

Membership can only be made on line using the form that you will find here.   

4. How long does it take to become a member once we have completed an application form? 

Once references have been cleared satisfactorily and membership invoice fees have been     received, membership commences immediately.   

5. Do you offer any payment terms ?

Normally we expect membership fees to be paid annually in full within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. 

 We also offer payment terms in monthly and quarterly instalments. Please ask our Membership or Accounts Payable team for more details. 

6. The application form requests a main contact. Why do you need this?       

The main contact is the name that we include on the member listing page. The main contact is also the person we will communicate with if there are any issues or questions about your membership.

7. Could you confirm that as a member we automatically receive free legal advice?       

Every member receives either one FREE access to our Legal Advisory Service, valid for a single case (for reduced rate members) or two FREE  Legal Advisory Service, valid for two cases (for full rate members) with their annual renewal. Please note that these cases can only be used for ​English law advice.

8. As a member, are we able to freely contact other IPM members?

Yes, this is an exclusive member benefit and we actively encourage members to business network with each other.

9. How does International membership differ from UK membership and what is the coverage of it in terms of countries?

International membership offers a reduced range of benefits compared with full UK corporate membership. For full details click here. There are no country restrictions and we currently have international members in Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru and Southern Ireland.   

10. What is the IPM membership cancellation policy?

We require written notice three months prior to the date of renewal of your annual Membership, as set out in the Terms & Conditions of Membership of the IPM.  We will be in touch in at least three months prior to your Membership expiring to renew your Membership for another year. Like many annual Memberships, we automatically renew your Membership if you don't tell us not to. It is important to note that if you decide to cancel your Membership after the notice period, you will be required to pay three months notice, but of course we hope this won't happen!                                                                                       

12. What if I have any other questions?

Please email the IPM's membership team on membership@theipm.org.uk.