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02 May 2019   (0 Comments)
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In this regular item we catch up with one of our members...

Claire Hinton, Insight and Strategy Manager of Axis Insight in Buckinghamshire tells us what they’ve been up to over the past few months, their thoughts on targeted campaigns and what she’d say to a senior new business target if she had 30 seconds with them in a lift.

IPM: Hi Claire, thanks for talking to us, How are things going at Elevator at the moment?
CH: It’s busy to say the least! The year is flying by already, with so much going on. We are in the process of updating our website and building on some of our innovation projects on top of the day jobs and new business.

IPM: How is your business developing and evolving – any interesting plans for the rest of the year you can share with us?!
CH: Axis Insight is growing and evolving more than any of us could have imagined a few years ago. We now have clients all over the globe with some big ambitions for growth this year. Our focus this year is to take our toolkit offering to the next level. People now are more aware of the importance of data and insight in optimising resource but we are on hand to help with the how and

IPM: You mentioned optimising resource. Just how important is a targeted approach?
CH: Very! In Axis, our mantra is that there is no such thing as One Size Fits All. Everything we do is personalised to get the best return. By taking an ultra-local approach, overlaying various sources of data available, from sales to customer profiles, it means that each activity has the best chance of succeeding and wasted effort is minimised. Of course, to really see the benefits of a targeted approach the right measurement is key. That’s why measurement underpins our toolkit. We will always work to prove the effectiveness of a targeted campaign. Either using EPOS sales data and A/B testing to prove the sales effectiveness or if no EPOS data is available, we will use the BAM methodology, conducting customer surveys to measure the change in brand affinity and predict the impact on future share of wallet. In both cases the aim is to generate an ROI measure linked to the long-term success of the activity.

IPM: You find yourself in a lift with a new business target, you've got 30 seconds to make an impression on behalf of Axis Insight - what would you say and do?
CH: With a personalised approach, the key for us is to get to know our clients. So we wouldn’t focus too much on Axis but rather seek to understand more about who we are in the lift with. Getting to know our clients likes and dislikes and building that relationship. Areas where Axis might be able to support would then naturally fall out of conversation.

IPM: Thanks so much for your time Claire – have a great day!
CH: You too!
If you’d like to get in touch with Claire Hinton, drop them a note at

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