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29 August 2018   (0 Comments)
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In this regular item we catch up with one of our members...

Lucy Gillions and Jo Curtis, co-founders of Jackanory in Covent Garden tell us what they’ve been up to this summer, their thoughts on micro-targeted activations and what they’d say to a senior new business target if they had 30 seconds with them in a lift.

IPM: Hi Lucy and Jo, thanks for talking to us. How are things going at Jackanory at the moment?
LG: Good, thank you! Summer is always an interesting time for us – one week we’re so busy we can barely come up for breath, the next we’re kicking back over a glass of rosé or two before the next big brief comes in.

IPM: How is your business developing and evolving – any interesting plans for 2019 you can share with us?!
JC We’ve recently moved offices into a bigger and brighter space, kick-starting an exciting new chapter. Although our formalised business planning for 2019 doesn’t take place for another couple of months, we’re continuing our focus on growing our existing clients (they’re a lovely bunch), consolidating our freelance network and hopefully bagging a couple of new clients to strengthen our portfolio. As we continue to grow, we’re committed to maintaining our boutique agency feel – living by our mantra of “less agency red tape, less waffle, more magic.”

IPM: We seem to be in an exciting and highly creative period for brand experience. What are your thoughts around the trend for smaller, targeted activations over more traditional mass sampling?
LG: There’s been a key movement in recent years towards more targeted activations that can deliver genuine interactions and increased engagement. It’s no longer about the number of people reached but rather the quality of the interaction. In the past, we’d find ourselves tasked with simply getting product in hands, with little or no scope for creativity and engagement. With the smaller, more highly targeted activations, we can really get our creative juices flowing and love creating memorable and immersive experiences on behalf of our clients. There’s still a role for mass sampling, of course, it’s just not the be all and end all

IPM: You find yourself in a lift with a new business target, you've got 30 seconds to make an impression on behalf of Jackanory - what would you say and do?
JC: Good business is built on good relationships. We wouldn’t go for the hard sell. For many agencies their default setting is to talk at a prospect, to tell their story and sell their services right from the off. We’re always more focused on asking the right questions to build a personal connection and to find out their story before sharing ours. Oh – and we never try to pretend we’re something we’re not. We are who we are and authenticity is key. So you’d probably find us just being ourselves in that lift, smiling and laughing and asking the prospect what their favourite tipple is.

IPM: Thanks so much for your time Lucy and Jo – have a great day!
LG and JC You too!
If you’d like to get in touch with Jackanory, drop them a note at or

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