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08 August 2018   (0 Comments)
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In this regular item we catch up with one of our members...

Jake Xu, owner and Creative Director of Ready in Bath tells us what they’ve been up to this summer, his thoughts on AI and consumer choice, and what he’d say to a senior new business target if he had 30 seconds with them in a lift.

IPM: Hi Jake, thanks for talking to us. How are things going at Ready at the moment?
JX: We’re having a frantic summer, to say the least! Since the beginning of June, we’ve launched new campaigns for long-term clients Soap & Glory, Quidco, Burt’s Bees and Kiddylicious. We’ve also begun working with two new clients, Vita Coco and luxury chocolatiers Maison Samadi, as well as delivering our latest project for skincare experts Bioré. And with more to come, there hasn’t been much time to pause and enjoy the beautiful weather!

IPM: How is your business developing and evolving – any interesting plans for 2019 you can share with us?!
JX: Just more of the same, I think. At the turn of this year, we repositioned the agency to focus on the promotional and tactical side of our clients’ campaign strategies, as helping them to think a little differently here was where we felt we were adding the most value. The response to that has been really good, so we’ll continue to focus on building relationships with both existing and potential clients around this need.

IPM: You find yourself in a lift with a new business target, you've got 30 seconds to make an impression on behalf of Ingenuity - what would you say and do?
JX: Like any relationship – business or personal – don’t talk about yourself too much. How can I assume to help someone if I don’t know anything about their business or life – do they even want your help?

IPM: Thanks for letting us share your piece on the future of grocery retail – really interesting. What’s your view on AI and how it might impact consumer choice?
JX: In terms of grocery shopping, it’s quite a habitual process for many people, especially the family shopper. We often tend to go back to the same staple items in many cases. I think AI could have a huge impact on automating repeat purchases, learning over time how long it takes us to use up certain items and re-ordering them without any human input – unless we intervene to change our preferences of course. As I said in the piece, though, I can’t see this happening any time soon for perishables like fruit and veg. Too many of us want to give our avocados a squeeze before we make our choice!

IPM: You find yourself in a lift with a new business target, you've got 30 seconds to make an impression on behalf of Ready - what would you say and do?
JX: To be honest, I would ask what their biggest challenges are at the present moment. I find those conversations much more interesting than just talking up what we do, and I also think we agencies can get a bit carried away with talking about ourselves too much.

Having said that, if I were asked the direct question "what does Ready do?", I'd say that we create promotional and tactical campaigns for consumer brands that use breakthrough tactics - eg. games, challenges and interactive experiences - to help them stand out at key sales periods.

IPM:Thanks so much for your time Jake – have a great day!
JX:You too!
If you’d like to get in touch with Ready, drop them a note at

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