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The Awards 2019: What does winning mean to you?

25 January 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gurgina Sandhu
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In this regular item we catch up with one of our members...

Ahead of this year’s much-anticipated IPM Awards, we’re reminiscing on the 2018 Awards and reflecting on what really makes the IPM Awards important for our industry.

For 40 years, the IPM Awards has been rewarding brilliantly effective, insightful and creative campaigns in the promotional marketing and brand activation space. Most importantly, the IPM Awards has been highlighting the hard work that goes into creating great campaigns – giving a much-deserved moment in the spotlight to the people behind them

Don’t just take our word for it! Find out what some of our previous winners have to say when we spoke to them this week.

IPM: "How did your success at the IPM Awards 2018 benefit you and your business?"

One of the biggest incentives for entering the IPM Awards is the credibility it can add to your business. Sure, you know you’re creating great work, but Awards are a great way of truly showing it to the industry. After all, nothing says ‘agency that knows what they’re doing’ quite like a shelf of trophies. The IPM Awards are a fantastic way of raising your businesses profile, elevating your company name and ultimately, providing tangible proof that your work is something to shout about.
Stewart Hilton, Creative Partner, Zeal Creative “Our KitKat Personalised Packs campaign for Nestlé confectionery won more IPM Golds than any other promotion in 2018. These effectiveness awards give this already strong case study an important element of independent approval and recognition by industry experts and our peers. This campaign has been instrumental in opening a few new business doors this year, ultimately leading to 4 new clients.”

Andy Duff, Managing Director, ATOM Marketing “We used our win to target new business within the shopper marketing sector.”

Paul McGann, Managing Partner, Brass “Winning Gold at the IPM Awards for the fourth year in a row was magical, testimony to brave clients and a lot of hard work! It demonstrates Brass is consistently among the very best promotional agencies in the UK for sales effectiveness. Proven success is attractive to current clients, new prospects and of course recruiting the very best talent to the agency.”

Ashleigh Palmer, Senior Account Executive, HRG UK “Receiving an IPM Award will always be beneficial to HRG and to our clients involved. Winning an award for Pass It On showed how successful the campaign was and what we can achieve for other clients!”

Ally Mitchell, CEO, tbk Group “Winning awards won’t pay the bills but it certainly builds your profile and puts your agency out there.”

Zoi Livanou, Senior Account Manager, tbk Group "It allowed recognition of the great campaigns we worked on, plus offered awareness of the agency's capabilities to clients who were seeking new agencies to collaborate with on their future activations."

Helen Hanson, Founder & Managing Partner, Hel's Angels “There is a certain amount of validation in winning awards, having a recognisable body such as the IPM adds value to the award which I think clients appreciate.”

Steve Simpson, Partner, Leith "Primarily, the IPM Awards really benefits Leith in terms of the relationship building value it delivers. Specifically, with the clients that we enter work for into the awards and also those that attend with us for a brilliant night."

IPM:"What does receiving recognition for your work mean to you?""

We’re lucky enough to be in an industry in which creativity, insight and out-of-the-box thinking thrives. Winning an IPM Award means more than a business achievement – it’s often a moment of recognition for the teams and individuals that put in all the hard work to create the final product.

Paul McGann, Managing Partner, Brass “Whilst Brass are driven by commercial sales success, campaign recognition at the IPM Awards is the icing on the cake. And a cherry. There are lots of awards schemes out there but the IPM's are the ones to win! Held in high regard across the promotional marketing industry and with a national profile.”

Ally Mitchell, CEO, tbk Group “The fact your peers independently judge your work and award it the highest accolades is incredibly satisfying.”

Zoi Livanou, Senior Account Manager, tbk Group "It's very important. It's an evidence of the good and hard work that is put towards an activity that finally pays of when succeeding to achieve all objectives and targets. It contributes to establishing long term client relationships and building trust which is key."

Helen Hanson, Founder & Managing Partner, Hel’s Angels “The team really appreciate the recognition, we know that we do excellent work but it is always nice that judges out of the Staffing/ Experiential category can appreciate the work connected to the campaign.”

Steve Simpson, Partner, Leith "Let's not be coy, recognition is a driver for most of us in this industry, giving us the opportunity to measure our work against the best in the business. It also allows us to motivate the team at the agency and encourage more great work."

Ashleigh Palmer, Senior Account Executive, HRG UK “It’s great to receive recognition for the work, as we’re often so busy caught up in the day to day of agency life, it’s easy to forget to celebrate the successes that the team achieves. Winning awards shows we are proud of what we do and it’s a great pat on the back for everyone involved. It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate with our clients and strengthen the relationships we have built with them over a glass of bubbly."

Andy Duff, Managing Director, ATOM Marketing “It’s motivating for the creative and client service team to see their hard work get publicity and praise.”

Stewart Hilton, Creative Partner, Zeal Creative “It helps to show that our campaigns work. It motivates the team to do even better year on year and it helps to raise our profile and attract top talent.”

IPM: "What were your favourite moments from the Awards event?"

While our entrants are working year-round to deliver award-winning campaigns, we’re working hard here at the IPM, behind the scenes, to deliver a memorable event and a night to remember.

The IPM Awards event is a chance to let your hair down, have some fun, connect with others, take some photos, eat some great food and drink a few glasses of bubbly.

Ally Mitchell, CEO tbk Group “Winning Agency of The Year was an incredibly special moment for an independent that’s been doing business for nearly 20 years.”

Zoi Livanou, Senior Account Manager The introduction/opening part with Russell Kane. It was hilarious and so fun. Every time that tbk won an award. And of course the moment when it was announced that the agency of the year was tbk.

Steve Simpson, Partner, Leith "Best ever host in Russell Kane. So too many fun moments to focus on. But managing to get home before the milkman was a highlight."

Stewart Hilton, Creative Partner, Zeal Creative “Finding out that the brilliant Russell Kane used to work in our industry and that this was the gig he always wanted!”

Ashleigh Palmer, Senior Account Executive, HRG UK “The opportunity to spend time with our clients in a non-formal setting was great, and the anticipation of finding out whether we had won bronze, silver or gold kept us on our toes. Russell Kane was brilliant and had us all crying with laughter! Having him host the event was a great way to relax into to evening.”

Paul McGann, Managing Partner, Brass “The prestigious Park Lane Hilton in London is the perfect location to recognise the very best of the best. It is always such a wonderful social event, a chance to catch up with clients and industry colleagues over a glass or two of fizz. Perfect.”

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