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21 March 2019   (0 Comments)
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With the shortlist now announced and there being just under a month until the muchanticipated gala event on 4th July, see below for what our third group of judges were looking for in a campaign to deem it a worthy IPM trophy-winner!

Kerry Afxentiou, Client Services Director at The Delta Group

“Excellently executed solution that delivers on every level, and wishing I had thought of it first!”

Charlotte Bunyan, Head of Strategy at Collider

“It needs to be simple, original and emotive; the kind of work that makes other agencies jealous.”

Jim Carless, Head of Brand Experience at Space

“A brilliant creative idea, based on a genuine insight, delivered flawlessly with a measurable ROI/ ROE.”

Courtney Cesari, Managing Director at Brandmovers

“A piece of work so extraordinary and ground-breaking that I wish my team had helped produce it. Nothing basic.”

Dan Chapman, Managing Director Product and Solutions at Havas

“Real tangible results delivering against a true human insight.”

Dan Claxton, Creative Director at BD Network

“An idea that walks the walk and talks the talk.”

Andy Dixon, Creative Director at Scene2 Ltd

“Imaginatively creative solutions that are markedly different from other campaigns & activations.”

Amy Gaertner, Business Director at Cherry London

“The successful collaboration of creative and strategy, delivering a unique campaign that results in real value for both the consumer and the brand.”

Sal Thomas, Creative Strategist at Blue Chip

“Generally, it's those insightful, innovative, effective campaigns that are so bang-on, you wish you'd come up with them yourself.”

Sam James, Retail Planner at Blue Chip

“A true understanding on an audience which underpins a creative and forward-thinking approach to inspiring behaviour change.”

Suzanne Kay, Director of Client Development at Granby Marketing Services

“Effectiveness - Campaign performance against objectives and targets”

Chris Pearson, Account Director at Element London

“Creative campaigns which deliver results by doing something innovative, eye-catching and out-of-the-ordinary.”


The online judging closes this week, a process which identifies against set criteria which campaigns will progress to the trophy allocation days in Manchester and London on 30th April and 1st May. In anticipation of this momentous annual occasion, we asked our judges what they’ll be looking for in a campaign to deem it a worthy IPM trophy-winner!

Here’s what our second group had to say…

Leah Bradbury, Senior Account Manager at Hel’s Angels

“an entry that fully explores the brief with originality, creative thinking and fabulous execution, keeping its audience and the experience in mind throughout.”

Sophie Chambers, Director at Cloud Nine Incentives

“A concise entry which clearly shows the objectives, the execution and the results with the relevant supporting visuals.”

Mike Croston, Partner at Mongoose

“Does the communication surprise me?”

Mark Davies, Managing Director at Whistl Doordrop Media

“It has to be the results. Creative? Great! Strategic? Fab! But show me the sales uplift! Then I'm really happy!”

Oliver Duval, Director at Element

“Simple and original ideas, with ingenuity in the execution, all within the confines of the budget.”

Matthew Ellison, Freelance Shopper Strategist at But What If… LTD

“Simple - work that works.”

Greg Felgate, Partner and Director at Finn

“Clear objectives, strong creative and outcome-based results, supported with a great video showcasing the work.”

Ed Gray, Managing Director at VCG The PromoRisk People Ltd

“Brilliant "I wish I'd thought of that" creative ideas and rigorous metrics.”

Steven Gray, Managing Director at Haygarth

“The application of creativity to reach behaviour changing objectives.”

Helen Hanson, Founder & Creative Director at Hel’s Angels

“I will be looking for creative solutions and best in class results.”

Natalie Haskell, CEO at CoppaFeel!

“Innovative campaigns that have demonstrable impact which have engaged with the target audience.”

Stewart Hilton, Founder & Creative Partner at Zeal Creative Limited

“I'm looking for 'Beautifully Effective' work. Campaigns that deliver a brand's story, in exciting and interactive ways, that add value for shoppers and thus drive SALES!”

Andy Hinsliff, Effectiveness Lead at ignis’

“Creative & original solutions to the challenge set out in the objectives.”

Neil Hooper, Board Creative Director at Circle Agency

“A great creative hook, that delivers results.”

Stephen Hopkins, Account Director at Refinery

“Work with creativity at its core that delivers against clear and challenging objectives – plus, no typos!”

Raymond Jaffe, Managing Director at TPF

“Innovation, creativity and most importantly, delivery of tangible results for the client...”

Jo Kimber, Managing Director at Granby Marketing Services

“Return on Investment and Evaluation against pre-set Key Performance Indicators. Don't fudge as it's always very obvious!”

Gerraint Lloyd-Taylor, Partner at Lewis Silkin LLP

“I will be looking for originality and innovation, as well as gauging whether it is a memorable campaign.”

John Lyons, Digital Marketing Consultant at John Lyons Consulting

“Show me, with clarity, how the campaign actively delivered exceptional results and success, and how you were central to that.”

Neil Mandel, Managing Director at Vanilla Active

“A well-executed campaign is the basic requirement. I'm looking for original creative ideas that stand out from the crowd with clear ROI.”

Simon Marjoram, Managing Director at Bamboo Marketing Communications

“A campaign that defied convention, made people think, maximised use of budget and, most importantly, delivered incredible results.”

Paul McDonald, Director, Strategic Accounts & Global Fulfilment Manager at Sykes

“Straightforward, effective and well executed solutions that demonstrate what real success looks like by their results.”

Rachel McHale, Managing Director at ZEAL Creative Limited

“Campaigns that are truly insight-led, deliver measurable results and are creatively ground-breaking.”

Lauren Miles, Senior Marketing Executive at Mando

“An innovative campaign supported by clear objectives, and spectacular results.”

Nicola Nimmo, Client Services Director at Stack

“Did it work?”

Tom Redman, Territory Account Manager at Edenred UK

“Creatively assembled, relative content that changes the game for the audience.”

Marc Rigby, Managing Director at Multi Resources Marketing Ltd (MRM)

“A quality of thinking and execution that has delivered exceptional results & pushed the boundaries of what defines promotional marketing.”

Callum Saunders, Senior Planner at ZEAL Creative Limited

“Campaigns that have unearthed and leveraged compelling insight, leading to distinctive and effective activations.”

Julie Selby, Director at Selby Marketing Services Limited

“An honest and well written submission detailing the creativity of the promotion. An entry which shows clear results and meets the objectives.”

Steve Simpson, Head of Leith Links at The Leith Agency

“That they tried something fresh, that worked. Want to see work that defines where we are, not where we were.”

Andy Stanton, Creative Director at ZEAL Creative Limited

“Creative Effectiveness. The perfect balance of great marketing strategy and inspired creative expression, that together produces memorable sales results and brand regard.”

Fiona Sutherland, Client Services Director at i2i Marketing Ltd

“A campaign with clear strategic thinking and a creative and engaging solution, which was highly appealing to the target audience and which met the objectives set.”

James Swain, Director at Catalyst

“Something inspiring.”

Adrian Taylor, Executive Creative Director at Jack Morton

“Exciting, original content with proven results for the client.”

Frank Wainwright, Magazine and Awards Director at FMBE Magazine and Awards

“Campaigns where creativity or resource use is well-justified and accountable.”

Leonie Walker, General Manager (Europe) at Mando

“Campaigns that spark emotion and are true to the brand's core values and purpose.”


In early April the judging will start for the IPM Awards 2019, a process that will recognise and reward the very best promotional marketing and brand activation campaigns of the past year. In anticipation of this momentous annual event, we asked our judges what they’ll be looking for in a campaign to deem it a worthy IPM trophy-winner!

Here’s what our first group had to say…

Ben Bestford, Director at BAM Student Marketing

“Authentic, relevant and executed to a high standard.”

Dave Corlett, New Business Director at Ready

“Whether the campaign delivered convincingly against its objectives. I'll also be looking for sparks of creativity within the campaign concepts.”

Carina Filek, Global COO at Elevate Staffing

“A campaign that truly understands its audience, and delivers a valuable experience to its consumers. That, and exceptional execution!”

Mark Gregg, Chief Executive Officer at BONAGO Incentive Marketing Group GmbH

“The creativity of the incentive product that is used in the campaign and it´s performance in achieving the campaign goals.”

Branwell Johnson, Director of Content at Propeller PR

“Commercial creativity - an interesting idea with cut-through that delivers an ROI over and above the target metrics.”

Richard Lloyd-Williams, Experiential Business Director at Collider

“Understanding the audience, and the effectiveness in engaging them.”

Iain G. Morrison, Chief Marketing Officer at University of Greenwich

“Tangible evidence of 'work that works’.”

Karen Olsen, CEO at MMG (MMedia Group Ltd)

“Creativity and delivery on ROI, checking the brief was delivered without compromise and kept to the brand values with integration of tech.”

Laura Palmer, Business Development Director at Promotional Handling Ltd (PHL)

“To show clearly the results of a campaign, quantifying them against the objectives set.”

Fran Scorer, Business Director at Quander

“I will be looking for agencies and brands that solve complex problems with beautifully simple solutions.”

Rob Scott, Group Creative Director at TLC

“A perfectly executed, big idea combined with breath-taking results.”

Tom Sugg, Partnerships Director at Brand Culture

“Results are of course key – but I’m looking for campaigns that stir positive emotions and make you feel compelled to get involved!”

Taj Sur, Group Account Director at Savvy Marketing

“Campaigns built on genuine consumer insight that deliver sustainable results for the brand through creative disruption.”

Neil Survilla, Business Director at Kreate

“Stand-out originality, supported by clear objectives, success metrics and ROI. Behind every Gold winner there is usually a brave client.”

Rachel Swann, Commercial Director at 3radical

“That the campaign has actually met the judging criteria and is new, different, innovative and, hopefully, exciting.”

Daniel Todaro, Group Managing Director at Gekko

“Realistic ROI/CPU measurements are essential in order to catch my eye.
Estimates won't cut it.”

Kimberley Upton, Head of Planning at Blue Chip

“I love unconventional thinking. I’m looking for campaigns that piece together the same promotional puzzle in an entirely new, unexpected way.”

Chris Whittle, Founder/Managing Director at Experience12

“Work that brings a smile to your face and a nod of appreciation for the quality of thought that went into it - even before you read further into it.”

Chris Wilson, Head of Brand Partnerships at Ingenuity London

“The effect the brand promotion will have on the target audience.”

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