AA - Advertising Association - A forum through which companies and their trade associations can collectively monitor and review developments relevant to the advertising industry; shape the sector’s self-regulatory systems; and advise policymakers. Website

ASA - Advertising Standards Authority - This is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media. The ASA applies the Advertising Codes, which are written by the Committees of Advertising Practice. Their work includes acting on complaints and proactively checking the media to take action against misleading, harmful or offensive advertisements. Website

ACORN - A Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods - A powerful consumer classification that segments the UK population. By analysing demographic data, social factors, population and consumer behaviour, it provides precise information and an understanding of different types of people. Acorn provides valuable consumer insight helping you target, acquire and develop profitable customer relationships and improve service delivery. Website

AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action - Used more typically to represent the process through which marketers engage the consumer through advertising. This applies equally to promotional marketing

BBO - Buy Back Offer - Any promotion where the promoter offers to buy back the goods at a future date for a set price, usually the purchase price. These promotions are characterised by a long gap between purchase and BBO date and usually have very precise proof of purchase and claim terms and conditions.

BOGOF - Buy One Get One Free - As the name suggests, simply means a consumer can claim an extra product free at the time of purchase when buying one pack. Further terms and conditions may apply.

BPMA - British Premium Merchandise Association - One of the UK’s leading industry bodies dedicated to promoting best practice around the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of promotional products. Website

CAP - Committee of Advertising Practice - They write and maintain the UK Advertising Codes, which are administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. CAP also offer the industry authoritative advice and guidance on how to create campaigns that comply with the rules. Website

EDLP - Every Day Low Pricing -Exactly what it says on the packet - a typical retailer proposition

FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods -Grocery

FMI - Free Mail-In - Any promotion that offers consumers a reward, often a premium item, in return for proofs of purchase only without any cash or monetary consideration

GWP - Gift With Purchase - Any promotion that offers a premium gift, usually free, with a purchase

IMC - Integrated Marketing Communications

4 I's - Impact, Incentive, Information, Interaction - The 4 I's whilst not strictly speaking an acronym is used to help as a checklist for all promotional marketing activity. Without any one of the four Is the campaign is going to struggle as a piece of promotional marketing.

LAS - Legal Advisory Service - The IPM’s renowned and respected Legal Advisory Service (LAS) provides guidance on the law and the Codes of Practice which govern the UK’s marketing industry and promotional copy clearance to help agencies and brand owners sleep more comfortably at night. Website

MONP - Money Off Next Purchase - Any promotion that offers a price discount on a future purchase of the same product, usually using a coupon.

OPO - On Pack Offer - Any promotion that is run on a promotional pack.

PESTLE - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental - Acronym used as a reminder of things for brand owners and agencies to review when working on campaigns.

POS/POP - Point of Sale or Point of Purchase - The place where a promotional or purchase transaction can take place - this can be either physical as in a store or virtual as in a website.

POP - Proof of Purchase - Context should stop confusion with a point of purchase. POP is any proof of purchase defined within a promotion's terms and conditions.

POPAI - Point of Purchase Advertising Institute - The not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the point-of-purchase (P-O-P) industry and shopper marketing. Website

SLP - Self Liquidating Premium - Any promotion that offers consumers the opportunity to buy a premium item for a (usually) discounted price. The key point here is that the price of the item normally covers the cost of the purchase and handling of the premium for the promoter

Note: Acronyms are often used in terms and conditions (Ts & Cs). We strongly recommend all members familiarise themselves with the extent of the IPM Legal Services available both on this website and direct through the IPM. If you are ever in any doubt abut any aspect of a promotions legality or conformity with codes of practice always contact the IPM for advice. Click here to visit the legal section of this website.

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