Professional Pathway

Professional Pathway

We're proud to educate and train the Promotional Marketing and Brand Activation industry.

Your professional development is of paramount importance to us and we want to ensure we're here for you every step of the way. From the very start of your career through to later in your career, we aim to provide you with the tools you need to be the best of the best.

We regularly assess our education offering to ensure you're receiving the very best, industry relevant and up-to-date qualifications and courses available. We're delighted to work with trainers and tutors who are all industry experts, with phenomenal experience in the subjects they teach.

We've broken down our offering below, so that you can easily ascertain which qualifications and courses suit your experience, and what your next steps are later in your career, so please feel free to think of it like your very own IPM Professional Pathway!

Of course, some of our offering may be more relevant to your role than others, so if you want some clarification, or just an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about our courses and qualifications, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Education Team who are always on hand to advise.

If you have any questions or queries please contact the Learning Team on 020 3848 0444 or at

Your IPM Professional Pathway

Less than 2 years’ experience in the industry

The courses outlined below are for you if you're either brand new to the industry or have up to a couple of years’ experience in the industry. These courses are designed to give you the very best grounding in all things promotional marketing and give you the basic overview you need to get your career started.

  • Foundation Certificate
  • Online Education Awards
    • Promotional Marketing and its role in IMC
    • Understanding audiences and channels
2 or more years’ experience in the industry
The courses outlined below are for you if you have two or more years’ experience in the industry. These courses and qualifications are designed to cement and develop your understanding of what you've learned in the first few years of your career. They will help you to further develop your career giving you the tools you need to do so, from soft skills sessions to our industry renowned IPM Diploma, you know you will be receiving the very best training available.
  • Diploma
  • Incentive & Motivation Diploma
  • Online Education Awards
    • Legal Code Certification
  • jfdi Commercial Workshops
5 or more years’ experience in the industry
We're working hard at the IPM, to develop you a suite of higher level qualifications and courses suited to your level of experience.
In the meantime, our partnership with commercial workshops experts, jfdi, provides a range of half day courses covering all areas of Agency business growth.

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