To access our legal service, just follow these steps…


Send in your promotional campaign (T&Cs, artwork, draft Facebook posts etc) by email at


The IPM will consider the relevant English laws and the CAP Code.


You will receive a response within 24 hours of your submission.


You get up to four written responses/answers to queries as part of the review and approval service.

REMEMBER: You can get up to two legal reviews as part of your IPM membership in each membership year and, after this, you can purchase bulk reviews and approvals at a significant discount. Only IPM Members qualify for bulk purchase discounts. Please note that the European Legal Review & Approval is not included within bulk review prices or the two free cases included as part of IPM membership.

As well as terms/campaign reviews, IPM Members can also contact our legal team by phone or email at any time during office hours with legal questions about your promotions. This helpline service is not available to non-members.

Got a non-promotional legal problem? You have access to a free 15-minute telephone consultation each month with our partner law firm, Lewis Silkin as part of your IPM Membership.

The IPM Legal & Compliance service can either be accessed on an ad hoc pay-as-you-go basis or by pre-paying for a number of ‘Cases’ in advance. See Legal & Compliance Case Charges.

A Case will relate to one specific promotion and will begin when promotional copy is submitted to the Legal & Compliance team. Each case comprises up to 4 written responses relating to that specific promotion. Should further responses be required (for instance, if multiple channels with multiple copy variations are involved), the consultant will advise that a further case be charged for.

How does it work? If members wish to have any copy reviewed you can start the process by emailing us at

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