What are the IPM Communities?

What are the IPM Communities?

The IPM is the promotional marketing and brand activation effectiveness body. We’re dedicated to protecting, promoting and progressing the best practice, commercialisation and marketing effectiveness of all brand activations conducted by our creative agency, service company and brand owner Members.

The IPM Communities are our Member-only brand activation industry groups committed to delivering useful tools, benchmarking, thought-leadership, networking and innovation to our Members.

Why are we doing this?
In 2017, the UK spent £22.2b on advertising*. Brand activation budgets, meanwhile, have been in strong growth in 2018 (promotions index = +4.0, brand experience index = +4.3)**. This investment represents a continually growing channel in the marketing mix.

Although some agencies, service companies and brand owners do seek to measure effectiveness in this area, often there is no standard, industry-agreed, approach to thought-leadership, best practice, measurement and evaluation and therefore no consistent and credible yardstick for comparison.

This is often harder to achieve for promotional marketing and brand activation because there are many types of activity, each with differing objectives, reach and impact.

By pooling the ambition and knowledge of IPM Member companies via specific interest working groups – the IPM Communities – we aim to deliver a framework of future-focused thought-leadership, insight and bench-marking to help enhance the business success of our Members.

* Source: Advertising Association & WARC UK
** Source: IPA Bellweather report Q2 2018

The 8 core Community principles
Each IPM Community should aim to…

  1. Drive the relevance and value of IPM Membership
  2. Develop tools and techniques to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of brand activation campaigns
  3. Devise common framework for best practice (Accreditation, Code of Conduct), education, benchmarking and terminology for brand activation, led by Members
  4. Improve confidence in the strategic benefits of brand activation, drive its fame and grow IPM Members’ business as a result
  5. Enhance the profile of IPM Members in the industry
  6. Provide a platform for debate and thought-leadership around the future of brand activation
  7. Facilitate Member networking opportunities
  8. Give all IPM Members a stake in, and a connection to, the work that the IPM does
For more information and how to get involved, please contact the IPM on 020 3848 0444 or at membership@theipm.org.uk
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